Why Japan Is The Perfect Destination for a Wedding?

by Alexandra
Wedding Destination - Torii Gate in Miyajima

A perfect destination for a romantic wedding?  Every girl’s dream is the perfect one.  A once in a lifetime event that has to be carefully planned.  Shared by loved ones, witnessed by the perfect view, and crafted with so much love. Romantic, isn’t it?   

Thinking of the best destination that will fulfill your dream? Why not consider Japan as this place that will definitely satisfy you.  From seeing jaw-dropping locales to spending real bonding time with your nearest and dearest, there is so much about it.

Why must we have a perfect destination for a romantic wedding:

First, you’ll stand out from the pack. Your wedding location will be a unique one instead of choosing the same old spots your friend has been booked. Second, a stunning setting is certainly awesome. Third, you can share the joy of having an intimate and romantic wedding with your loved ones.  Hooray! Fourth, you’ll share the happiness by showing off the place that would be special to you. Fifth, more enjoyable honeymoons for you lovers. Arriving at your destination will surely put you in a relaxed mood as the pre-wedding festivities begin.  Sixth, getting out of town gives you the opportunity to try something fresh.  Seventh, everyone will be treated predominantly.  You can get rid of meaningless obligatory invites and more must-have loved ones.  Lastly, a bucket list check. Maybe both destination wedding and traveling to a country you always wanted to visit.

If you want something stylish and eclectic, choose magnificent Japan.

Why choose Japan as a perfect destination for a romantic wedding?

Japan is the perfect wedding destination for couples who are looking for something original. The advantages of having your wedding in Japan are endless. There’s truly no place in the world that manages to seamlessly blend past and future like Japan. Whether you want a more traditional, urban, or exotic type of wedding, it will always be elegant and timeless.

Also, with diverse natural scenery and climate, you can have a wedding any time of the year. Exchange your vows under delicate cherry blossoms, or against the backdrop of colorful autumn leaves.

There are dozens of reasons to wed away in Japan, and we will introduce you to some of the best benefits.

Perfect Cuisine for a perfect wedding

Japan has rapidly become one of the world’s premier culinary meccas. And as it becomes increasingly well-known for more than just sushi and ramen, it has started to eclipse famous foodie destinations like Italy and France.

What’s more, a satisfying visual presentation is a much-awaited part of the dining experience as the taste of the food itself. 

Japan is the second nation after France to have its national cuisine designated heritage status by UNESCO.

Perfect season to a Romantic Wedding

Perfect Destination

Japan is extremely proud of its seasons. There are few places on earth where the differences between each passing season are so pronounced, and possibly no other place where they play such a vital role in a nation’s culture – from festivals to cuisine.

Any time of the year, you can plan your wedding somewhere in Japan and make it look incredible.

  • Autumn in Japan is simply breathtaking. From mid-September until the beginning of November, Japan’s deciduous trees begin to change color, painting mountains, parks, and forests with a vibrant palette of reds, browns, oranges, golds, and yellows.
  • Snow season is long and in some places begins as early as November and lasts in May, with the peak being in February. All is covered in snow, creating enchanting streetscapes and landscapes. Mountain peaks have the most amazing powder snow, and hot springs have totally different meanings.
  • Spring season, is best known as cherry blossoms. Painstakingly painted, obsessed over in poems, they are cited as a symbol of the transient nature of life.
  • Summer season is reserved for Japan’s big secret that will blow your mind. In the southern reaches, lies some of the most beautiful, white-sand, crystal-clear water beaches you’ll ever find. The southern Okinawa prefecture and its subtropical islands are some of the most popular in the country.

Showcasing Japan’s Hot Springs

Perfect Destination

Hot water percolates up out of the ground from one end of Japan to another. The Japanese word for a hot spring is the onsen. There are more than 3.000 of them in the country, and more than anywhere else on earth. They have turned the simple act of bathing into a folk religion. The country is dotted with temples and shrines to this most relaxing of faiths. Sublimely relaxing, hot springs would add a unique and compelling aspect to your wedding that will definitely make you all smile.

Fascinating Architecture

Perfect Destination

Japan has an interesting variety of buildings that exhibit different architectural forms, from humble farmhouses to grand imperial palaces. Architectural styles have evolved from pre-historic to modern times. Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, Imperial palaces, castles, samurai residences, charming townhouses and farmhouses, and modern award-winning architectural designs.

From the modern architecture of Tokyo, forever reaching into the future, to Kyoto’s teahouses established over 300 years ago. There is something for every soul. Whichever venue you choose, you will make the trip of your life for both you and your guests.

Japanese Hospitality

Omotenashi is Japanese hospitality. Omote means public face. It is an image you wish to present to outsiders. Understanding and experiencing Omotenashi will certainly move you. It represents the Japanese mindset of hospitality centering around care rather than expectation.

It is a sense of incredible hospitality that carries across homestays, formal ceremonies, retail, and dining. However, omotenashi goes beyond “the customer is always right;”. It is an implicit understanding that there are no menial tasks if the result ensures a great experience for a guest.

The Japanese people are generally polite, kind, punctual, respectful, and hard-working. These traits are something that plays a huge role when organizing a wedding in another country.

With all of the above, we hope you’ll find Japan a perfect place for your honeymoon.

Contact us for more information if you would like to have your own wedding in Japan!

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