10 Most Amazing Experiences in Kyoto

by Alexandra
10 Most Amazing Experiences in Kyoto

Kyoto is the capital of Japan for more than 1000 years. It is the oldest and the third-largest city in the country, with an area of 827.8km. Located 30 miles northeast of Osaka and Nara. The city becomes the center of traditional Japanese culture, textiles, and other products.  Japanese visit the city because of its culture and heritage. Yet, modernization has not destroyed the old charm of Kyoto. Made the city became famous for its historical tourist attraction.   Believed to be Japan’s third-highest in cost of living. Excited to explore the most amazing experiences in Kyoto?

Filled with countless noiseless temples, awesome gardens, and magical shrines. The calming appearance and charming existence seduce everyone. Kyoto is the most rewarding city in Japan. Offers various beautiful places to visit.

Make way to your travel goals as we make a list of must-try places to visit in Kyoto.

1. The 10,000 gates of Fushimi Inari-Shrine- An amazing experience worth trying by photo pile


Fushimi Inari shrine is one of the oldest and sacred Shinto shrine in Japan, dedicated to the God of rice, Inari. Five magnificent temples lie at the foot of the Shrine. An awesome place to visit. Torii (shrine gates) is the traditional Japanese gate. The gate is commonly found at the entrance of the Shinto Shrine.  Consists of five shrines and dozens of sub-shrines on a 4km pathway up to the mountain.  A journey to the top is more peaceful, even if it’s often crowded. The most memorable sights in Kyoto.

Amazing Experiences in Kyoto

The Shrine is always open, welcoming visitors without admission fees. 

TIP:  Best to explore 10,000 gates of Fushimi Inari-Taisha at night. Ideal for those who have a passion for photography.

2. Leisure trip to the Gion District- Unleashed your stress 

Amazing experience to try


Gion District is a historic place between the modern Kyoto City and the ancient Yasaka shrine.  A  place for relaxation is the teahouses after a visit to the Yasaka shrine. Kyoto is the largest pleasure district in the mid of 18th century. Tea ceremony places still have some of the old charms and ancient look. A traditional entertainment area indeed. There are four things to enjoy in Gion District. First is the Maiko performance. Secondly, festive drinking at Machiya Style Bar. The third is a night walk in Gion. Strolling in the nostalgic beauty of the place will bring you to lose. Lastly, a festive dine-in Gion or Ponto-Cho.  Serving a traditional multi-course meal called Kaiseki dinner.

Gion is the most famous Geisha district. Geisa is a Japanese performance artist and entertainer. Trained in Japanese traditional performing art styles.  A glimpse of a geisha graciously passing by would surely be exciting.

Still, some of the old charms and ancient look are maintained in many tea ceremony places. Other remarkable places have it in addition to this. Evening stroll around the streets lighted up with colorful lanterns is an added attraction.  

3. Feel the amazing beauty of  Arashiyama Bamboo Grove 


Arashima is the second most important and interesting spot in Kyoto. Located in the far west of Kyoto. A bus, train, or bicycle ride will take you to the beauty of Arashima. Hence, a walking tour to Arashima Bamboo Grove is a great way to enjoy it and escape from the crowd.

The groves are beautiful through the light wind. Tall bamboo stalks sway gently back and forth. A much-awaited photographic view, however, you will find it more difficult to capture the scenic view.

4. Enjoy the spectacular gardens of Kyoto Imperial Palace Park


Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial Palace Park) is certainly Kyoto’s Central Park. The park surrounds a palace called Kyoto Imperial Palace. The home to the Emperor in the Edo-era when Kyoto was the capital of Japan. Skilled landscape artists designed the park that surrounds the palace. Artists also included some interesting trees and other features. Perfect for runners, walkers, romantic couples, picnickers, and plant lovers. Planted with a huge variety of flowering trees and open fields. The park is most beautiful in the plum and cherry blossom seasons.

5. A soulful visit to the famous Kinkaku-Ji – “The Temple of Golden Pavilion.”


Kinkaku-Ji is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, designated as one of the World Heritage Sites. The temple served as the retirement temple villa of  Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.  Built an impressive structure overlooking a large, reflecting pond. With its top two floors completely covered in gold leaf, it is really spectacular.

A bus ride from the Kyoto Station can easily access the place.

6. Visit the peaceful Ginkaku-Ji – “The Temple of Silver Pavillon.”


Ginkakuji is a Zen temple along Kyoto’s eastern mountains. The temple is consists of the Silver Pavilion, temple, moss garden, and a dry sand garden. Enjoyed by walking along a circular route around its grounds. Viewed easily.

The perfect place to be if you want to get rid of the crowd.

7. Marvel by the impressive beauty of Chion-in Temple


Chion-In Temple is also the Head Temple of the Jodo sect of Buddhism, the largest school of Buddhism in Japan. The most popular pilgrimage temple in Kyoto.  A hive of activity takes place. The massive gates of the temple open up to a huge staircase up to the main temple area. Indeed, a suggested place to visit.

8. Nourish yourself at the best Japanese traditional food –  Kikunoi Restaurant


 Kikunoi Restaurant is the perfect place for food lovers. Visit the place to enjoy the surprising menu that awaits you. The finest Kaiseki  (Japanese Traditional Cuisine) restaurants you will ever experience! Located in a serene and intimate location at the foot of Higashiyama Mountain. In addition, everything is set for a full over-the-top kaiseki experience. Led by famous Michelin-starred chef Mutara, exquisite cuisine is served.

Creativity is merely showcased as the main factor of Kikunio’s success.  Season varies. Altered artwork, flower arrangement, and other displays to suit the season change and meal and its ingredients. 

9. Explore the lively Nishiki Market


Nishiki Market is a shopping street lined with more than one hundred shops and restaurants. Kyoto’s Kitchen as what others say. Nishi Market is indeed Kyoto’s largest traditional food market. Modern food shops and souvenir shops are starting to move in. Traditional shops give you a glimpse of a traditional shopping setting. Definitely a must-see!

A lively market showcases unique foods like Japanese sweets and octopuses on the stick. The entire market is shaded. Giving you a cool atmosphere to enjoy. Nishiki Market is also home to a variety of culinary delights.  Everything you see in the market is locally produced and procured in addition to this.

Aritsugu store offers the best Japanese Chef Knives. The quality, durailibity, and ease of use are totally remarkable.  


10.  A peaceful tour to Mount Kurama and Kurama-Dera Temple


Kurama is a rural town in the northern mountains of Kyoto City. Kurama’s main attraction, Kurama-Dera, is a mountain temple with a long history and a unique atmosphere. Special spiritual energy is contained considerably.  Famous people have come here to meditate over the years. 

Mt. Kurama is the birthplace of Reiki. Reiki is a type of “energy therapy” which utilizes spiritual elements.  A magical place for everybody.  You’ll gain a lot of power from its brilliant natural setting. A path circling the mountain through groves of towering cedar trees brings fresh air scents. Filled with the scents of incense as you go nearer.

The stunning beauty of nature surrounds Kyoto. A cable car ride is the most helpful among others. The ride will certainly take you to the magical views above.

Above all, beautiful scenic spots in Kyoto, Japan, are a must-see.  Different people and places to peek at in addition to this.  Experience the beauty of Kyoto, Japan, that is truly beyond your expectations. Japanese hospitality is also something to look at to. 

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I hope this list will get you started on planning your trip to Kyoto!

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