Japan: Perfect Place for Family Vacation – Here’s Why

by Alexandra

Japan is a dream for families that want to introduce their children to a new and exotic culture.

If you want to turn your kids into lifetime travelers, take them to Japan—they go crazy for this country, and their interest in seeing the world immediately grows.

Kyushu Japan Naoshima Island Art Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Sculpture

Futuristic, friendly Tokyo is a feast for the senses. They’ll love slurping up bowls of ramen and taking in the neon wonder of Sega Joyopolis, a video game theme park. Everyone will relish Japan’s historic sites, such as Kamakura’s towering Buddha, and will be thrilled when they explore Kyoto’s ancient castles and temples and take a cable car ride up Mt. Fuji.

Why families love Japan

As all experienced family travelers know, one of the secrets to an amazing family trip is making sure that everyone — kids and parents — has a great time.

In our experience, we have found that most parents are looking for a combination of fun, relaxation, and unique experiences when planning a family vacation.

And this is what makes Japan a perfect family destination.

Kyoto Japan Arashiyama Sagano Bamboo Grove

Families love the Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama, Kyoto

Why kids love Japan

Japan is the home of the bullet train, robots, ninjas, samurais, geishas, Nintendo, Hello Kitty, Mt. Fuji…

  • Pay a visit to Okinawa aquarium, one of the biggest in the world.
  • And it’s not just “fun”: Japan is an intellectually curious child’s dream, full of new experiences, history and a fascinating culture. They can see geisha or samurai district and learn about something completely new.
  • Dining options encompass everything from all-you-can-eat ice cream parlors to fishing restaurants where you can reel in your own meal – so if your child doesn’t take to kaiseki, you needn’t worry.
  • There is Disney Resort in Tokyo
  • Your kids will love riding the shinkansen (bullet train)
  • Sumo tournaments


The downside is that many cultural sights (shrines, temples, and museums) may bore them; you’ll want to work in plenty of activities to keep things fresh. Teens will love the pop culture and neon streetscapes.

Safety and Convenience

Japan is also great for families for two other important reasons:

  • It’s incredibly safe
  • It’s extremely traveler-friendly & easy to get around

Japan is perhaps the safest large country in the world (making the US and Europe look quite dangerous in comparison).

It’s also surprisingly easy to get around – even if you don’t speak Japanese (as most travelers don’t).

One of the surprise highlights for so many visitors to Japan is how beautifully and efficiently everything works:

  • The trains are spotless and depart & arrive on time
  • Customer service is amazing & people are astoundingly helpful

Kids love castles (Matsumoto Castle)

On top of all this, Japanese people cater extremely well to children and love family travelers! One of the safest and cleanest countries in the world, Japan boasts superb amenities and excellent family accommodation, making traveling with children wonderfully stress-free.

Contact us and we will organize a perfect family vacation for you and your family.

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